Getting to know… Patrick Regna

As FC Buffalo prepares for its Sunday, May 22 home opener vs. FC Reading Revolution, we’ll be bringing you more information on the players Coach Dan Krzyzanowicz has chosen to suit up for the 2011 Blitzers. This entry: Patrick Regna

What’s your most memorable moment in soccer?

“Saving the 5th pk then stepping up and scoring our 5th pk to beat our rival to advance to districts during my sophmore year at a junior college (Monroe CC).”

Any hobbies?

“Basketball, fishing,music, being with family and friends.”

Favorite club and player?

“Juventus and Leo Messi.”

Favorite music?

“I’ll listen to anything, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers are high up there.”

Favorite movie?

“Avatar was genius.”

Any superstitions?


What’s a goal you have?

“Keep pushing to sign a pro contract wherever it may be. If not, id like to become a fireman.”