FC Buffalo Futsal

FC Buffalo is excited to partner with not-for-profit entity Algonquin Sports to announce winter futsal programming at the Park School of Buffalo as part of our Player Development Program.

This supplemental, club-agnostic programming will provide 15 days of high-level training under the direction of FC Buffalo women’s head coach/Algonquin senior manager Nikki Bartholomew and a number of exceptional, high-character, person-first coaches.


There will be 10 practices and five match days for young players between the grades of K-8, and players will receive a jersey before the end of the session, which runs Nov. 9 – Jan. 25, as well as a family voucher to attend an FC Buffalo game this summer.

“Both Coach Nikki and I have coached the varsity team at the Park School during our careers, and I’ve known and admired new Park athletic director Turner Battle for two decades,” said FC Buffalo co-owner Nick Mendola. “We’ve taken great care to develop a club-independent program with Algonquin that will benefit the oh-so-important technical development of Buffalo-based players. Critically, Algonquin and Park both share our ambition of access for the underserved in our soccer community.”

FC Buffalo respects the history of youth clubs in our area and joins Algonquin in running an independent program. Although we utilize the support and cooperation of soccer coaches who can work in many neighboring soccer programs, we have no affiliations. Soccer players from one club can rest assured that they will never be pressured to join other clubs in the course of playing futsal with our program. In addition, we ask that ALL participants refrain from wearing or bringing any of their Club gear that is branded with external logos.

Park School students should contact their AD for a discount code.

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