Attn: Interested travelers to Germany

FC Buffalo’s 2019 season will begin with a trip to Germany to represent our city and country in Hamburg, Dortmund, and Frankfurt, and we’d love for you to help us bring as much Buffalo spirit and positivity to meet our friends at FC St. Pauli and several other stops!

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We’ve had numerous inquiries about joining us on the trip, and we ask that anyone with interest contact for more details.

We also will have a conference call or public meeting no later than the end of the month (October) once we have a handle on how many people have expressed interest in traveling. Here are some FAQ for you to start:

1) When is the trip?

FCB is scheduled to fly to Hamburg on May 5, play FC St. Pauli II on May 7, then move onto Dortmund for the Dortbunt Festival. Once we have a better feeling for our responsibilities there, we will determine when we leave for Frankfurt, where we’ll fly back to North America on May 12 or 13.

2) How much does it cost to join you?

That’s a bit more complicated, as it depends on the level of interest. We have a certain amount of room to travel with the team, but there are rational reasons to believe we could require a second bus if we reach a certain quantity of travelers. There are also different levels of accommodations considered for the teams, fans, and sponsors, so it depends on your preference. We know we have an incredibly generous deal and that it’s very attractive to travelers.

3) What if I want to go on just part of the trip?

We cannot say enough about contacting The Travel Team for all travel ideas, whether this trip or other travel plans. Our friends in the Rich Products family sent us their way and they’ve been a Godsend.

4) Okay, I have many more questions. That’s logical! Email to get and stay in the loop.