Announcing FC Buffalo Vets

graphic by The Situation Room’s Brandon Chiarmonte

If you’re playing in the Buffalo Social Club’s co-ed recreational league and see “FC Buffalo Vets”, don’t think we’re sending our former players to run up the score.

FC Buffalo has teamed up with our official pub, Mes Que, and Steamroller Press to begin a team for members of our armed forces to continue to experience the camaraderie they experience in the service of our country.

We hope to one day have an entire league of veterans, but Wednesday at Front Park saw the first ever match for FC Buffalo Vets. The team may’ve lost, but it was fun to watch.

The plan to launch a soccer program for vets was hatched when FCB co-owner Nick Mendola ran into a friend from high school, U.S. Navy recruiter Gil Ryerson. While catching up, Ryerson talked about how he played on a veterans’ hockey team, and missed playing soccer.

“I knew we could fix that,” said Mendola, who is helping to organize the team and playing while it gets its feet wet.

“This is a cool idea and we’re happy to pilot it. We’re looking to set up an organization to further this idea, and we’re looking for other partners in the community to contribute to its growth. Many thanks to Mes Que and Steamroller Press for helping us get it going.”

For this summer, we have one team playing co-ed on Wednesdays, and is still looking for a few more veterans females. We hope to grow this in the future, and honor our vets at a match this summer.

Their jerseys aren’t in yet, but we think they’re a fine looking bunch even scrapped together in blue.

FC Buffalo Vets

FC Buffalo opens its season on May 16 at 7 p.m. against the Cincinnati Saints at Howe Field in Hamburg before returning to Robert E. Rich Sr. All-High Stadium for a 7 p.m. match against Detroit City on May 23.