2018 Season Ticket Bundles


Hey everyone! We’ve just returned from the National Premier Soccer League’s Annual Owners Meetings in New Orleans. It was a very busy weekend with some interesting developments.

We’re hoping to be well on our way to putting together a schedule by early January, and we’re following the lead of your postseason surveys in trying to have as many matches as possible in- and out-of league play.

Speaking of your surveys, you wanted a more unique season ticket card to go with your bundles. Those came in this week (above), and will be hitting the mail by the end of the week. For those of you who ordered tee shirts, those will be back from the printers and at your house before Christmas.

As for said bundles, we’re going to have three in addition to the straight-up $40 season ticket. You’ll be able to get a scarf, the 2018 jersey, or both. We do plan on having a second edition, unique New Era Cap before the season, but it’s a bit down the pipeline.


Scarves will be arriving in February. Jerseys could take a bit longer but could be out around then, but sometime before Spring. We’re in discussions with some really ambitious partners and it will be worth the wait.

If you locked your ticket at 2017 prices, you’ll be able to apply that discount to the bundle. Check your email box for a code. If one hasn’t arrived, email nick@fcbuffalo.org

We’re really pumped about our growing numbers in season tickets, as well as partners. Please keep spreading the word. We’re still invigorated by the way last season ended, and ready to really build on that enthusiasm, your enthusiasm. Let’s do something special in 2018. Tell your friends about this club of ours.