Kick It Forward Challenge

We are incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to run this soccer club in our city, in this country.

There’s long been a familial feeling in the United States when it comes to our sport, and that fits in quite neatly with the worldwide community of soccer fans, players and teams.

FC Buffalo is hoping to kickstart a wave of giving back to the game in our community with the “Kick It Forward Challenge” (Thanks to UB men’s assistant coach Davie Carmichael for putting a clever name to our idea)

All it takes is one simple act, nothing as complicated as the video produced by our friends at Buffalo Above, which shows two schools we visited in Buffalo, where FCB alum Patrick Zelko helped us teach some skills and donate some Mitre balls at Buffalo Public School #37 Futures Academy and the Buffalo United Charter School.

So here’s our challenge: Take someone to a game. Give someone an old scarf. Donate balls, cleats or equipment to your local school.

Do something in the name of the game, and kick it forward.